Creating a Forum

Begin by clicking on Discussions from the blue navigation bar.


Click on New Forum.

New Forum.png

The new forum form has several areas. The first is the title and description. You can also create a topic with the same title at the same time. You have two other options to consider which include whether or not to allow anonymous messages. If you are going to assess the topic, this would not be a wise choice. The other option is whether or not messages must be approved before being displayed. This option will take a great deal of time on your part, but would be wise choice if you are allowing anonymous messages.

Top of Forum Form.png

The middle area of the form deals with availability and visibility. You can hide a forum until you are ready to use it or you can have it visible for a specific time range or always. If it is visible always, then students can read the forum. Depending on the locking options (the last part of the forum) would depend on whether or not they contribute to any topics on the forum. The locking option allows students to write on a topic. If it is unlocked, they can write. If it is locked, they cannot write. Forums can be unlocked for a specific time range or always. They can also be locked.

Bottom of Forum.png

Once you have made these decisions, click on save or save and add topic. The save option, saves the forum. If you chose to create a topic of the same name it saves the forum and the topic. The save and add topic option, saves the forum and brings up the new topic menu.


Restrictions Tab

The restrictions tab of the forum menu allows you to create and attach conditions before the forum is seen. This could include items such as taking a quiz, submitting an item to a specific drop box, visiting a topic, etc. You can also add group restrictions. Once you have made these choices, click save.



If you have not created the topic yet, click on the Forums & Topics List to get back to the general menu.