Copying a Forum and/or a Topic

Click on Copy from the Forum & Topic List.


Choose whether you want to copy a forum or a topic by clicking on the appropriate choice as shown below.

Forum or Topic Copy.png

If you choose forum, the following screen appears.

Copy Forum.png

Choose the forum you wish to copy and give it a new title. Decide whether or not you want to copy the topics from the forum and the pinned messages. Pinned messages are those that always appear at the top of the list. Once you have made these choices, click Copy.


If you choose topic, the following screen appears.

Copy Topic.png

To copy a topic, you have to choose the the forum where it resides and a topic by selecting from the drop down menus. Type in a new topic title. Choose where you want the new topic to reside and whether or not copy the pinned messages click Copy.