Guidelines for Dealing with Disruptive Students

Guidelines for Dealing with Disruptive Students Video

Guidelines Brochure

These are York Technical College's guidelines to help you deal with any disruptive students in the classroom.



Adjunct Faculty Instruction Guide

College Catalog and Handbook

Student Orientation Handbook

Use the Adjunct Faculty Instruction Guide to access information about policies/procedures and resources available at York Technical College.


Use the College Catalog and Handbook to learn more about York Technical College and its various programs.


The Student Orientation Handbook is an important source of information for students as they begin their college journey and may serve as a source of information as faculty establish expectations for classes, learn more about the college, and answer student questions.


Library Information

Academic Reserves

Ask a Librarian

Collection Development

Equipment Check-out Form

Instruction Services

Library Faculty/Staff Manual

Material Request

The Anne Springs Close Library is conveniently located behind A Building and is open during day and evening hours. Resources for study and research are available on the library's webpage,, as well as an online tour and tutorial, which familiarize new patrons with the library facility, collections, and services.


For more information about the library, call (803) 327-8025.


Off-Campus Centers

Off-Campus Centers Presentation

Chester Center's Webpage

Kershaw-Heath Springs Center's Webpage

Through off-campus centers, York Technical College brings high-quality higher education

opportunities closer to the residents of Chester and Lancaster counties.

Students may take credit and non-credit courses in a traditional classroom setting, through live interactive audio/video teleclasses, via the Internet, or by CAI (computer-assisted instruction).